Comedian Maulana Kasozi Arrested Following Court Order

.Over the weekend, a court issued an arrest warrant for comedian Maulana Kasozi, and he has now been arrested. A video circulating on social media shows Maulana being pushed onto a police patrol pickup and taken away.

The Court Order

The reason behind the arrest is that Maulana allegedly defied court orders to take care of his three children. It is reported that he failed to provide Shs15,000 daily for their needs. The person who reported him to the court is Shubira Naluja, the mother of his children.

Shubira Naluja’s Statement

Shubira Naluja spoke about her struggles on Bukedde TV last Saturday. She said, “He is not doing anything. I struggle to find food for the children. The landlord is asking for rent, and when Maulana used to visit, he would only give us a few coins which were not enough. When I couldn’t handle it anymore, he asked me to give him the children.”

Maulana’s Defense

In response to the allegations, Maulana defended himself on social media. He claimed that Naluja had a mental disorder and even shared a referral note from Butabika Hospital. He also accused her of attempting to poison both of them.