Cinderella Sanyu and Shebah Karungi are two popular Ugandan musicians who have been engaged in a long-standing rivalry. Their feud has been the subject of much speculation and gossip in the music industry and among their fans.

While the exact cause of their conflict is unclear, it is believed to be related to competition over music sales, popularity, and performance opportunities. Despite their ongoing war, both artists have continued to release new music and maintain their respective fan bases.

It should be recalled that Cindy has been off the singing stage for two years now and recently announced a comeback concert scheduled to happen on September 15, 2023, at Kololo Airstrip.

However, after two years off the stage, Cindy announced a comeback concert organised for her fans that will take place at Kololo Airstrip on September 15, 2023.

During her press conference at the Rohano restaurant in Kololo last week, Cindy confirmed this information.

Please be aware that Sheebah Karungi had previously announced her intention to host the ‘Yolo Festival’ on the same date and at the same venue. Additionally, Cindy’s chosen date also coincides with King Michael’s upcoming concert at Cricket Oval.

When asked about why she selected the same date and location as her rival, Cindy explained that the Kololo Airstrip had no reservations scheduled for that day.

There have been criticisms towards Cindy’s approach to promoting her concerts, as it often involves making negative remarks about fellow musician Sheebah labelling her as a child in the music industry.

Furthermore, Cindy has revealed that she wrote Sheebah’s debut song “Kunyenyeza” and has expressed interest in a friendly music battle.

Since Cindy called Sheebah a child, Queen Karma has remained quiet. However, she has now responded to the labelling by referring to Cindy as ‘NOKIA’. Although Nokia used to be a popular brand, it has since faded.

Sheebah Karungi