The chief coordinator of the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Gen Salim Saleh resurfaced after a long spell of absence in the public eye.

Saleh who had been rumored to be dead by several bloggers appeared at his daughter, Esther Mugulwa’s give away ceremony.

This took place at Jovia Saleh, Salim Saleh’s wife’s home in Buziga a Kampala suburb.

Saleh a younger brother to President Museveni was said to be dead by NUP affiliated bloggers such as Fred Lumbuye and Mumiransanafu.

While speaking to the attendees, Saleh said that if he wanted the likes of Lumbuye, he would get them by a snap of the finger.

However, he let’s them freely roam around before cautioning people to avoid seeing themselves through tribal lenses.

“The devil who has been around us is a liar, we are still alive. If I want Lumbuye, I can bring him tomorrow, you know me. If I need Mumiransanafu today, I can pick him. Because for me my job is to be on the ground,” Gen Saleh said.

Meanwhile this function was attended by close friends and family.

Some of the high ranking officials such as Security Minister Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi, ex CDF David Muhoozi, Maj Gen Sam Kavuma, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde were all present.

Esther Mugulwa a daughter to Saleh got married to Ivan Bidna Muhoozi.

The two are said to have been seeing each other since 2017.

This is after Mugulwa got disagreements with her then husband Eng. Ronald Ndizeye Sekaziga.

Mugulwa went ahead to divorce Ndizeye with whom she got married to in 2009 and together they had 3 kids including a pair of twins.

Ndizeye filed for divorce from the High Court Family Division and it was indeed granted.

Ivan Bidna is known as high flying socialite and an ex lover of songstress Irene Ntale.

Mugulwa co-owns Isaiah 60 Film Production Company which produced the 27 gun salute film.

She was also named after Esteeri Kokundeka the mother of President Museveni and Gen Salim Saleh.