Rickman Manrick has been hospitalized as a result of a physical altercation with Grenade Official, another prominent musician in Uganda.

The incident occurred Monday morning during a brunch party hosted at La Terezza, following a meeting with business partner ABryans at Skyz Hotel Naguru.

Following Sheilah’s narrative, who’s a socialite and media personality, Grenade wanted to share the table with her and her boyfriend Rickman, which they refused. In anger, he threw a glass of wine at Rickman, injuring his face and lip.

While in Nakasero Hospital, the socialite shared this post on her social media platforms despite heavy bleeding.

She also was disappointed with Grenade for acting chaotic and unruly knowing Rickman to be a calm and composed individual.

“It’s very unfortunate and sad that the industry in Uganda still has artists like Grenade that are very indisciplined, chaotic and want to fight others. Grenade has been struggling with drug addiction for some time and I think it’s getting to his head. He attacked Rickman today after attempting to fight and create a commotion on our table at la Terezza,” Sheilah’s post on X, the former Twitter reads in part.

Grenade released an audio recording claiming that Rickman and Sheilah Gashumba beat him up and broke his hands and legs.