Emmanuel Lwasa, a businessman, has disclosed that he has reignited his romance with his former girlfriend, Vanessa Vanny though laying some concerns so as this relationship to work.

Lwasa disclosed that Vanny had prohibited him from discussing their relationship with the media, even though he had hinted at their possible marriage in the future.

“Vanessa stopped me from talking about her while on TV. She got back in line. Love is now in high gear. Wait for what will come in the future,” he said.

Keep in mind that Lwasa and Vanessa first met in early 2022 while he was receiving treatment for typhoid at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala.

“I met Vanessa when I was at the hospital about six months ago. She showed discipline and took care of me when I was bedridden yet she is not my wife,” he said.

In a surprising move, Lwasa unveiled his previously hidden romance with Vanny by sharing photos of them together during a photo shoot in September 2022. The couple had previously kept their relationship under wraps, but now the public can see them as the happy couple they are.

Furthermore, Emmanuel Lwasa disclosed that he had his three children undergo DNA testing, which revealed that they were not biologically related to him. This event occurred approximately three years ago.

After visiting Vanessa’s home and discovering a function was happening, he had to cancel his plans. However, DNA testing of the children occurred following this event.

One of the children had completed school, while the other two, who have the same mother, are currently in Senior Three and Four.


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