Following what’s going on the tabloids, media personality and mcee Edwin Katamba and former Bukedde TV presenter Caroline Marcah have been in a very big fight.

The duo that have been rumoured to be in a relationship before and also friendship at one point.

They were seen hitting rock bottom with the exchanges between them and obscene amounts of words coming out of MC Kats mouth during the incident.

The onlookers were observed restraining the two parties in an effort to calm them down as the conflict required their assistance to end.

Furthermore, Kats kept passing on words of building her and making her who she is while their altercation was ongoing.

After being said to be dating, the once inseparable pair abruptly ceased hanging out together, leaving their fans perplexed, and wondering why.

Although there are still scanty details on the reason behind their altercation, sources suggest that it took place a few months ago.