Home Entertainment Rabadaba and Nalongo Maggie At Edge Of Breakup

Rabadaba and Nalongo Maggie At Edge Of Breakup

Rabadaba and Nalongo Maggie At Edge Of Breakup

The house of Rabadaba might be undergoing some marital issues following the recent post shared by Nalongo on Snapchat.

Nalongo Maggie shared some disturbing content on her Snapchat informing her audience on being careful about who they choose as a spouse.

Could this mean Nalongo Maggie and Faisal Segura also known as Rabadaba are on the edge of separating?

“Be careful whom you trust and fall in love with. People can eat you up because they never loved you but had hidden agendas,” she wrote.

It should be recalled that Rabadaba and Nalongo Maggie tied the knot in June 2021 after dating for a few months.

Furthermore, Maggie was once Grenade Official’s girlfriend and also the late singer AK47.

The couple wants to separate because of many misunderstandings between them. After marriage, the couple moved in together to stay in the United Kingdom because Maggie has citizenship there.

According to different reports, Rabadaba’s behaviour has changed drastically and many wonder if his marriage to Maggie was just for the pretence to get UK citizenship.