Dr Stella Nyanzi an embattled ex Makerere Professor famed for her at times obscene social media posts and acts has come out to shockingly reveal how acclaimed writer and novelist Kakwenza Rukira impregnated a white lady known as Ann Whitehead.

Ann is a communications research and strategist who spends most of her time in Uganda, Canada and Britain. However, according to Stella, she had an affair with Kakwenza Rukira which ended up into a pregnancy.

This was even after Stella warned her about the novelist telling her how he’s married and has kids and a wife back in Uganda. After Ann becoming pregnant, she’s now demanding for a monogamous relationship with Kakwenza yet he has a family.

“Ann Whitehead got pregnant with exiled Kakwenza’s child, after I told her that he is still married to his wife who is raising his children in Uganda. She wants monogamy with a married polyamorous man suffering from severe PTSD,” Stella posted on her Facebook page.

Furthermore, she posted a photo of Kakwenza and Ann saying that she clearly knew what she was doing by sleeping with him since she’s a mature woman.

Stella further advised Kakwenza to manage his excited mature penile adventures. And if he can’t tame them, she will then expose him as she knows a lot more filth than meets the social media eye.

“Manage your adult penile adventures, Kakuru. Take charge of your harem- if you so desire to run a worldwide harem full of your exploits and conquests. However, keep my name out of your deceptive moves with obsessive women. Ann Whitehead had better be the last of your side dishes to bleed all over me after jilting. I was silent out of respect until your jilted pregnant lover started to disrespectfully bleed all over me. Manage your harem, Kakuru. We all have wounds and scars,” said Stella.

Both Kakwenza and Stella Nyanzi are currently self exiled in Germany. However, while speaking to a local publication, Chimp Reports, Ann didn’t deny the allegations of being pregnant for Kakwenza.

She only said that she’s been receiving threats from Kakwenza and his friends after warning fellow women about Kakwenza’s manipulative behavior.

“I have received threatening messages after issuing a warning to women on social media about how this man lies to women, manipulates, exploits and emotionally abuses women,” Ann Whitehead said.

“It is now for all the other women to come out and tell the stories themselves, though I understand they fear so because of the misogynistic and political backlash. It will take incredible courage for any victim to come forward right now.”