Media socialite, business lady and South African based Zari Hassan organised a big pool party that didn’t go as planned. 

The alleged pool party was held at Pearl of Africa Hotel last Sunday. 

The party that flopped asked different attendees to pay different amounts at the venue. Ordinary people were to pay Ugx50,000 only, normal tables were to pay Ugx1.5M inclusive of a standard room, and the VVIP were for 5M inclusive of a deluxe room.

The show didn’t show any life by 10pm hence the Deejays and the service providers exiting the venue. 

Furthermore, the revellers were disappointed and shocked by the turn up. 

“I’ll pack and go back home because I don’t expect to even get paid. The party has flopped,” The show’s Deejay said.

“We came to support our own girl and it’s already 10pm but I don’t see anything,” One of the revellers said. 

Zari Hassan didn’t show up to welcome the guests to the event as she noticed a low turn up.


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