NBS TV’s Hitmaker presenter MC Casmir was yesterday treated to the shock of his life after being nabbed pants down with a married woman.

Casmir didn’t see this coming as the husband of the woman bumped into them in the act.

He was asked if he had indeed slept with the woman to which confirmed as a yes.

The two culprits had earlier decided to hide from the man till he called Police.

On arriving, the Police handcuffed Casmir and forced him to apologize on camera which he did immediately and pleaded not to ever do it again.

A number of people gave in their opinion regarding this saga.

Whereas majority criticized him for bedding a married woman and advising him to marry his own wife, others gave him support and criticized the way he was handled.

Singer Maurice Kirya wondered why it was necessary to expose him in the cameras. He went ahead to question whether the Police had an arrest warrant.

Casmir however through his Twitter page revealed that the place he was found in is his home.

He added that those involved in the act of shaming him will be brought to justice.